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About Us

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Margo Behavior was established in December 2020, based on the urgent need to cover specialized Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in West Palm Beach County. We observed that many providers did not have sufficient capacity to cover the regrettably high demand for this type of mental health services in children and adolescents. We began working from the beginning together with the Department of Children and Families, Pediatric Clinics, Public and Charter Schools as well as other diverse providers who together were our main issuers of diverse and complex clinical cases to be managed by both families and other specialists in Behavioral Therapies.

We also began to create personnel development and training resources, which consequently forced us to work harder and with more efficiency and dedication.

Realizing that change and growth are indeed almost impossible without cooperation and collaboration, in 2021 MARGO BEHAVIOR decided to make a corporate merger with a couple of professionals in the area of Behavior Analysis , Alexander Vázquez, Registered BehaviorTechnician and Keidys Echevarría, Certified Behavior Analyst, who from the beginning, through an excellent manner and work style, motivated and inspired the growth of the team inside and outside the company, this is how the MARGO Group is created. Added to this is that after months of ups and downs and dedicated and hard work, we were able to achieve and managed to put together one of the best work teams that a Behavior Analysis Services Agency can have, in our headquarters, the office, we have that joy and honor.

The MARGO Group was created with a dynamic executive structure that is balanced with the joint work of the President, General Director, Clinical Director, Director of Billings and Payroll and Office Executives that cover such important areas of Human Resources, Clinical Documentation, Customer Service and Coordination of curricular and extracurricular activities.

There is a phrase… every time you see a successful business it is because someone once made a brave decision…

This is exactly what we did since we began operating as a corporate group. MARGO BEHAVIOR has been involved in introducing and implementing actions and directives which are the result of brave decisions made to provide constant training through in-person and virtual training, aimed at everyone our professionals, as well as our office's own work team. Today, the MARGO group provides service coverage throughout West Palm Beach County and the Port Saint Lucie area through a network of highly qualified Behavior Analysts and Technicians, we work directly in coordination and cooperation with Pediatricians, Psychologists and BCBA Consultants for the implementation of Intervention Plans applied in Public Schools, Dade Cares, at Home and in the community itself

Our history

Executive Board

Alexander Vazquez

Executive Director

Enrique Gonzalez


Keydis Echevarria

Clinical Director

Leticia Martinez

Director of Billing and Payroll

Maivy Mino Rosa

Office Manager

Yasnara Quevedo Morales

Clinical Management

Yamara Pinon Cabrera

Human Resources

Jose L.Gainza


Arlety Medina Torres


Dianelys Diaz Barroso


Yanelys Canto Galan


Ainoli Abreu Delgado